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New Album in 2024

We've been busy recording our new album at London Bridge Studio with Jonathan Plum (Queensrÿche, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains).  Our producer Matt Hyde (Slayer, Hatebreed, Deftones, Seether) has done his magic and now we are ready to roll - watch for announcements regarding releases in early 2024. 

Matt Hyde

Jonathan Plum

Trail of Souls.png

The release two years ago of our debut Trail of Souls was a moment of pride for us. We appreciate the love and support you've shown us since.


While working on our new album we came to find that our self-recorded/self-produced release was not the best representation of us and those songs. We wanted to fix that before releasing  more music.


Listen to the re-imagined album, Trail of Souls: Samsara, recorded at the iconic London Bridge Studio by Jonathan Plum and produced, mixed and mastered by the legendary, Grammy winning Matt Hyde.

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